Top 5 Ocean Adventures Costa Rica you can take on vacations

Ocean Adventures Costa Rica gives tourist many options to have a full fun time for vacations. It is very important to let you know where we are located. We are settled on the Guanacaste Province the northwestern region of Costa Rica. This amazing land has the largest shore to the Pacific Ocean full of wonderful beaches. Besides this region holds the highest amount of nature preservation zones and national parks.

There are rainy forests, dry forests, volcanoes, rivers, lakes and the great Pacific Ocean. In every single place of these, there is an Adventure Tour Costa Rica to take. Different stages are seen in all these locations, it means there are lots of places where to go. The Guanacaste shores are known as the Gold Coast of Costa Rica and give everyone plenty of services to keep you attend and comfortable. Come on take the chance and get a ticket to Liberia, for sure you will have the best vacations.Costa Rica Best Tour

What to do on Ocean Adventures Costa Rica

  • One of the favorite places to enjoy of the Pacific Coast lies at a famous town where El Coco Beach Tours take place. This is the little town of Playas del Coco, a small but moved place. Here there are many places where to go for a party time, discos, bars, restaurants, resorts, hotels and many more. This place is one of the preferred because of the proximity to the beach to the town and services.
  • Ocean Adventures Costa Rica gives you the opportunity to ride on a 45 feet Catamaran. This is one of the most relaxing and enchanting travels you can take. Over this amazing vessel you will see the gold coast and its wonderful nature. If you take this trip you can have a snorkeling time on the reef. This trip provides beverages, snacks and a local sea food meal.
  • The sport fishing tour is also one of the most taken trips on the Boat Tours Costa Rica. There are yachts from 30 to 45 feet which take you to the Pacific Ocean best places to catch some fishes like the Dorado or the Blue Marlin. This is prepared for the jigging lovers who desire a great fish; all instruments are provided by the tour, if you have your own equipment you can bring it in, but must be registered for the tour.Ocean Adventures Costa Rica
  • For all those who love to ride the waves, Ocean Adventures Costa Rica gives you the best places where to surf. Surfing on the Guanacaste province is one of the most exciting sports practiced on the shores. The most visited beach for surfers is the Tamarindo beach, where you can have a full ride, inside a tunnel, or at the top of a 6 feet wave.
  • Diving is one other activity full of amazing sea animal to discover and wonderful environments formed by the reef, corals and even antique boats that sank hundreds of years ago. Whenever you come to Costa Rica remember to visit our western coasts.

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