Rafting Tours Costa Rica the best way to know Guanacaste

The Rafting Tours Costa Rica are awesome! Here at the Guanacaste Province you will find different spots where to ride the whitewaters. Rivers on the Guanacaste’s mountains get fast on their way down to the ocean. There are different mountains formations inside the region like the Guanacaste Cordillera. This is the largest range of mountains across the country; it is 110km long from northwest to southeast.

The highest mountain inside the Guanacaste Cordillera is the Miravalles Stratovolcano. This volcano reaches the 2,028mts above the sea level. If you desire to have an Adventure Tour Costa Rica this is one of the places you cannot miss. On the Guanacaste Cordillera there are some rivers that flow down the mountain; some of them to the Caribbean Sea like the Zapote or Guacalito; And some others to the Pacific Ocean like San Lorenzo, Tenorio, Martirio, Blanco y Corobiá. All these rivers are formed in the Guanacaste Cordillera.

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It is very interesting to know where the province’s name comes from. This name comes from a tree that is frequently found on the Central America region. This tree is known as Elephant ear because of the seeds. It is also called Corotú, Caro Hembra, and Conacaste in different countries. But the most interesting name is given in the native language “quahnacaztlan”; or Huanacaxtle as it is still named in certain places over Mexico.

Huanacaxtle or Guanacaste? The most important tree in Costa Rica

As we have said the Guanacaste province name comes from a huge tree that commonly grows on this area. This tree is the guanacaste (enterolobium cyclocarpum) a Fabaceae, family flowering tree. On August 31, 1959 the Guanacaste was declared as the National Tree. Whenever you take Rafting Tours Costa Rica you will have the opportunity to see this beautiful tree.

It is very important to remember that the territory of the Guanacaste province was added to the Costa Rican Country on 1824-25. In 1836 the city of Guanacaste was declared the capital of the province and on 1854 the city was renamed Liberia. This was the last province annexed to the Costa Rica territory. This wonderful land is full mountains and forests where to enjoy River Tours Costa Rica.

Where can you take Rafting Tours Costa Rica

Boat Tours Costa Rica are prepared to receive persons from all ages and likes. There are quiet trips to observe wildlife and environment appreciation. There are also trips for those who wish a sport fishing day on the rivers or at the Pacific Ocean. And for the adventurer ones there are great white waters rivers.rafting tour costa rica

Over these fast moving rivers you can find Rafting Tours Costa Rica. These tours can be performed on different rivers about the level of difficulty. On the Tenorio River you can find Class II or III rapids where the specialized crew for the rafting trip will be waiting for you.  

Remember these and many other activities are available for you on Costa Rica Tours Packages. Book your travel to this amazing country and enjoy all our marvels.

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Rafting Tours Costa Rica the best way to know Guanacaste

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