5 reasons why El Coco Beach Tours are the starting base to discover Costa Rica

El Coco Beach Tours gives everyone the opportunity to discover and enjoy Costa Rica. The Playas del coco is one of the most renowned beaches on the Pacific coast. This fisher’s village in the Guanacaste province has become one of the main attractions for tourism on the last years. It is located on Liberia western on a 30 minutes ride.

This province was declared as a Costa Rican province on the July 25 of 1824. Before that date it used to belong to the government of Nicaragua. This wonderful province houses a great biodiversity. And thru all the shore line Ocean Adventures Costa Rica are waiting for you to live an incredible experience.

#5       the wonderful sights over the hills

On the wonderful village of Los Cocos there are many hills where to take a walk. If you want to take a ride, go to the Ocean View Drive and delight with the sea and landscape. From there you can see all the 3km shore line of the beach from the Matapalo bar to the Casa Punta Coco. And a plenty sight to the village, hotels and resorts found on El Coco Beach Tours.

Coco Beach Tours

#4       Blue Gray water where to swim  

Here the water composition makes it bright with a different tone. If we compare the different types of water we can see its color depends on different variables. For example on the micro biology marine life there are small species like the plankton. These and other species tends to change the water color. Here you can arrange some Boat Tours Costa Rica to get into the sea life and snorkel on the reefs.

#3       El Coco Beach Tours a center point to discover

This little town on the shore has become a basin point where to hold position. In this area there can be find suitable lodging, good and cheap restaurants, bus transportation to anywhere in the province. These conditions make this place a perfect location for backpackers and low rate tourism. Most of the cheap travelers are the ones who are most interested on discovering the world’s marvels.

Coco Beach Tours

#2       Night party time 

There is something you must include on your Costa Rica Tours Packages. After a day on the beach and a spa on the evening it is time to party. The nightlife in the Playa del Coco village is one of the most moved, fun and hot around the hall country. Here casinos, bars, restaurants and discos are on for the night. You can find party around the Central Plaza where locals for night events are located.

#1       El Coco Beach Tours

The first reason why Playa los Cocos is the base where to start a Costa Rica reconnaissance is because El Coco Beach Tours itself. On this name there is included all the human effort to make your vacations as perfect as possible. On this name there is a living spirit for development on the services we serve. The Los Cocos people thanks to all our customers and visitors and hope you keep coming.

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5 reasons why El Coco Beach Tours are the starting base to discover Costa Rica
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