Which are the 5 most amazing butterflies at Palo Verde National Park Tour

The Palo Verde National Park Tour invites you to see the most amazing butterflies. The Tempisque River is one of the favorite’s places for taking a trip. The dry tropical forest offers a specific environment for seasoning birds. When the rainy season ends and water starts drying, new life comes aboard. Butterflies, flying insects, ants and many more will start moving around.

The main activity realized on this area is classified on the River Tours Costa Rica.  The Tempisque River is the third largest river in all the country and the first one in Guanacaste. This amazing river starts and ends inside the Guanacaste province. It is originated on the Guanacaste Cordillera, next to the Orosi volcano, and Runs for 144 kilometers until its end at the Nicoya Gulf.Arenal Volcano Tour

During this route, there are several things to attend. If you desire to discover, which is the most amazing butterfly? give a little attention to this. When floating down the river you will reach, in a matter of 30 minutes, the zone known as Isla de Pajaros. This island, in the middle of the river, let the birds and butterflies delight the observers.

3 beautiful butterflies on a Palo Verde National Park Tour

The biologist in the Central America region has done a great job. These are tree of the most beautiful butterflies that you can see on a Boat Tours Costa Rica.

  1. By it scientifically name the Papilio anchisiades idaeus or commonly known as Ruby-spotted Swallowtail. This beautiful butterfly rise every year from the month of May to July. This butterfly is black colored with some red Ruby prints and white leave prints. Meet this beautiful butterfly on a Palo Verde National Park Tour.
  2. Scientifically named as Caligo eurilochus. There are so few persons who know the butterflies names that it is difficult to believe they are real names. This beautiful one is commonly known as the Owl Butterfly. When you look at it, it looks like if you were looking to an Owl face.Palo Verde National Park Tour
  • The Heliconius hecale Zuleika, also known as Hecale Longwing, and commonly as Tiger Longwing. This is a real beautiful Buterfly whit those yellow prints over that black and white wing. This is one of the most common found near the Pajaros Island.

2 amazing butterflies seen on Palo Verde Boat Tours

  1. The Greta Oto is an important butterfly. This amazing butterfly can carry almost 80 times her own weight. This is called commonly as glass winged butterflies. They look so delicate with those transparent areas on their wings bordered on black. They are the most elegant ones.
  2. The most amazing one: Morpho peleides limpid, The Blue Morpho. This is considered, for everyone who has come and see it, as the most elegant, beautiful, shiny and amazing butterfly in all Palo Verde National Park Tour.

Remember this entire species are under preservation; and the main idea is to protect them environment while we enjoy the Adventure Tour Costa Rica! Leave your comments and opinions…

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Which are the 5 most amazing butterflies at Palo Verde National Park Tour
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