5 sounds that will captivate you on Land Tours in Costa Rica

Traveling by Land Tours in Costa Rica brings you to the most wonderful side of our country. The northwestern region on the Guanacaste Province holds amazing natural marvels where you can find unique sounds. All you have to do is, just, keep searching for silence and a glorious music will come. Here the forests, coasts, volcanoes, Pacific Ocean towns and cities have their own sound. Come to this wonderful land and hear all them on a marvelous trip.

Have you ever hear about sound therapy? Maybe it sounds new for you, but music therapy is more renown. It keeps the same principles, the vibration produced by the sounds can be helpful for different types of stress, nervous problems, insomnia and other problems related to physical issues. This kind of therapies can be performed on the amazing locations Costa Rica Tours Packages have for you.

Here the top 5 amazing sounds on Land Tours in Costa Rica

  1. Walking on a Palo Verde National Park Tour you will be welcomed by thousands of birds. All them from different species, everyone shrilling of joy for the new day that starts. This is a gigantic and overwhelming sound that shows the magnificent strength of all those little birds. Taking a time to hear this strong welcome heal up your soul; and gives you strength to encourage everyday awakening.Land Tours in Costa Rica
  2. On the Tempisque riverside there are amazing spots for different kind of observing; and let’s say also for hearing or listening. On these wetlands the sound of the air coming from the plain crosses whit the air coming from the river.

When you have a chance during your Land Tours in Costa Rica; stand up in silence and forget about everything around and beyond. The sound of the crossing air makes you feel free like wind; this vibration charges your batteries and makes you feel energized.

  1. There is a very short sound that makes everyone get a cold sweat and a deep breath. When you are seeking for great reptiles there is a expected moment that lasts just 1 or 2 seconds. The crocodile’s jaws are on the water level and his eyes are just waiting for the opportune moment. And then a violent movement releases a sound like a lash mixed with revolving water. This is an unforgettable sound you will always remember from your Adventure Tour Costa Rica
  2. Taking a high walk to the top of a mountain is a possible destination on an Arenal Volcano Tours. At the top of this trial you will reach a 2000mts overt the sea level spot. Here the beauty is accompanied by a sound of a storming silence in low frequency. The speed of the air at the top the mountain will let you go your past and have a new start.Arenal Volcano Tour
  3. And at last but not the last. You can have a night stand-up paddle to enjoy the lightning moon over the Arenal Lake. Under this romantic sky you can be embraced by a warming quite sound. This vibration will make you feel the mother earth’s love. Come on a Land Tours in Costa Rica and enjoy of these marvels and many more. If you like this let us know.

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5 sounds that will captivate you on Land Tours in Costa Rica
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