7 extraordinary facts you can find on the Costa Rica Tours Packages

Costa Rica Tours Packages give everyone amazing places and activities where to expend vacations. This wonderful Central America country is well known by its natural places full of biodiversity. One of the main attractions of this enchanting country resides on the volcanic formations spread all over the country. And also the magnificent beauty found in the tropical forests, where you can find wildlife living freely.

Land Tours in Costa Rica provides amazing places where to go. But there are some facts people don’t usually know about this wonderful land. Here we will show you some of the most interesting facts you cannot miss while visiting the Guanacaste Province.Adventure tour Costa Rica

Costa Rica Tours Packages invites you to discover the 7 extraordinary facts on this amazing land

  1. Why was Costa Rica named this way? When Cristobal Colon landed on the shores of this region there were lots of aborigines. These aborigines were decorated with many gold ornaments. And that was, maybe, the reason why Colon called this place as the Costa Rica or wealthy coast.
  2. One of the most important archeological collections is under the custody of the Central Bank of Costa Rica. This collection includes 3567 objects of gold, ceramics and stone. All these objects were made by the pre-Columbian societies.
  3. By taking the  you can visit the gigantic stone balls. These marvelous globes were done over the year 600 after Christ; showing the sophisticated advances of the civilization. This was the only pre-Columbian civilization that showed a conception of abstraction.
  4. In the middle of the 80’s the Costa Rica lands were almost erased by deforestation. By the year 2000 deforestation reached the 89%, to place new cattle. Thanks to the National policies on preservation almost the 25% of the land is under protection. And 52% of the territory counts with forests surface.
  5. The biodiversity living on the country is very significant; this means that in the 0.3% of the earth area (the territory of the country), counts with the 5% of the living species on the world. This bio-diversity can be seen on a Palo Verde National Park Tour, it is very important to know that recreational hunting is forbidden.River Tour Costa Rica
  6. On this amazing land 99% of the energy used comes from renewable sources. That is one of the most important things to know when taking River Tours Costa Rica. And that is because 80% of the energy comes from hydroelectric process. The Reventazón hydroelectric dam is the biggest one in Central America.
  7. Costa Rica Tours Packages can bring you the biggest formations of volcanoes around the globe. There are 112 volcanoes around the country of which 5 are now active. In the central cordillera the most representative volcano is the Poas which have the biggest crater in the world. And over the Guanacaste cordillera we find the most representative one on an Arenal Volcano Rainforest Tour.

Remember Costa Rica Tours Packages brings you to exclusive places where you can find these and many more interesting facts. We hope you have enjoyed this incredible information about the Pura Vida country and people.

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7 extraordinary facts you can find on the Costa Rica Tours Packages
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