What to find on Arenal Volcano Tours? Paradise isn’t on heaven it is on Costa Rica

Many persons around the world think paradise is on heaven, beyond death, after life, waiting for good people but we are completely sure they are wrong, because on Arenal Volcano tours you can find paradise on earth. On the Northern region of Costa Rica it is found the Alajuela Province where this paradisiacal territory is full of waterfalls, geo-thermal hot springs, rivers, rain forests and the amazing lake Arenal.

The main attention of this wonderful territory is kept by the largest volcano over the area (Arenal Volcano), which once erupted over 40 times per day and is on the resting phase by now. The magma spread by the eruptions filled the surrounding area with tons of new mineral and organic ground where ecosystem grew up, as new rain forests, which are perfect for land tours in Costa Rica.

Arenal Volcano Tours5 wonderful hot springs where to rest and enjoy by hiring Arenal Volcano Tours

Up to you there are some amazing geo-thermal facilities around the area, where local investors have created beautiful pools to enjoy the benefits of the hot springs while taking Costa Rica Tours Packages.

  • The Baldi hot springs are located near the volcano but outside the risk zone. This is an amazing complex with more than 7 pools which are filled with different temperatures of water; they can be cold, fresh, warm or hot. Depending on your corporal temperature you can change from one to another during your visit so you can enjoy every one of them while traveling with Arenal Volcano Tours.
  • The Titoku hot springs are vested 3 miles from La Fortuna town, there a set of 8 pools are connected by little waterfalls; on the top there is the hottest pool which overflow to the second one and so on, the last one is still warm but can be consider as a fresh pool.Arenal Volcano Tours
  • Los Perdidos hot springs is a spa center where visitors can fell stress-free by taking a rest into one of the 7 pools that compose the facility. This is a special place where to go after an adventure tour Costa Rica. Every pool is significant different from the others, not only by shape or temperature but, for different minerals found on water.
  • The Eco Termales hot springs this is one of the most traditional set of pools carried by the family Hidalgo. This is a complex of 4 pools which vary from 95° to 105° F., this is a small place where privacy and relaxation can be found, no more than 100 persons are aloud per day making sure everyone have enough space for self scattering.
  • Los Laureles hot springs is the smallest facility you can visit with Arenal Volcano tours, this beauty villa sets 3 pools for visitor’s entertainment, one of them is a large cool pool where it is found a waterslide for kids and grown to have lots of fun; and there are two spectacular warm pools where to relax and take a sun tan!!

Have you visited any of these places? Tell us what you like most in our comments section!

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What to find on Arenal Volcano Tours? Paradise isn’t on heaven it is on Costa Rica
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