Which aromas can you smell by an Arenal Volcano Rainforest Tour?

The Arenal Volcano Rainforest Tour brings you to a variety of places where you will perceive many pleasurable aromas. The smell is one our five senses and usually considered as the most important. Wherever we go we identify fragrances, aromas and scents before watching where they come from. And that warns us from danger, beauty or unknown stuffs.

The Guanacaste Province contains many attractions from natural to artificial. The most visited places are the natural ones from beaches to forests. And taking Land Tours in Costa Rica opens a great world of aromas for you.  As it is very important for everyone to know what is around let’s get prepared for the fragrances you will experience.

Arenal Volcano Rainforest Tour a trip to experience aromas

  • The first aroma you will find after landing at the Daniel Oduber International Airport is the fresh air of Guanacaste. This a tropical fragrance formed by the wet air; that comes from the mixture of the Pacific air currents and the forests breathing.Palo Verde National Park Tour
  • When you leave the airport by the Luxury Transportation Costa Rica; your senses will be filled by the fragrance of our new fleet of cars. They are ambience with fresh fruits flavorings.
  • Once you get to your Arenal Volcano Rainforest Tour a flood of aromas will come together. This is the aroma of nature, a warm soft air full of trees, wet land and animal’s fragrance.
  • Once you begin the Arenal Volcano Hike Tour the trees fill the air of a fresh fragrance of flowers and resins. This turns the aroma to a wood scent that fills your lunges with a high amount of oxygen.
  • During the walk you will find wild animals paths on which the animal’s fragrances remain. Then you will feel an extremely sweet smell as strong as the sweat of many animals. This could be the sing of a jaguar path.
  • Even on this trial you will encounter brooks where the air turns fresher and gives us a trace of mineral water on its smell. This is the fragrance of fresh water flowing on the air.
  • There is a particular aroma you will find at the top of the volcano mountain. There is a great amount of steam spread out the earth. This steam has a peculiar fragrance for the high quantity of minerals dropped to the air.Arenal Volcano Tour

These are some of the strangest aromas you will sense on an Arenal Volcano Rainforest Tour. And for sure you will be able to identify them and seek for more fragrances. Give us a comment and share this information with your friends. We’ll be expecting you to show you the best places on the northwestern province.

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Which aromas can you smell by an Arenal Volcano Rainforest Tour?
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