What to find on the Land Tours in Costa Rica?

Land Tours in Costa Rica are full of amazing activities and places to discover and enjoy. Whenever you desire to have a great time, Guanacaste gives you the best option in our wonderful country. This amazing land offers you beautiful beaches, amazing forests, incredible volcanoes, extraordinary rivers, colonial towns, and many more. Visit us and discover them all.

For those who are looking for an adrenaline explosion the Adventure Tour Costa Rica provides you with exciting activities. These activities go from a hiking day over the rainforest canopy to an extreme exciting day rafting by our rapid rivers. There are activities for everyone in concordance to the level of skills or the risks you are up to take.

Which are the most popular Land Tours in Costa Rica?

The first place on the list is for:

The Arenal Volcano Hike Tour is very famous around the globe. On this tour you will visit the Arenal Volcano National Park. This is the house for more than one thousand different species of birds, mammals and reptiles. Besides in this Park you can find the largest lake in our country and a living volcano. By now this Volcano is dormant and erupted the last time on the 60’s.Arenal Volcano Tour

On this tour you can observe the Mantled howler which is a fascinating monkey. Its name comes from the difference of color on them backs, often turning to red-brown or golden. Sometimes they are named golden-mantled howling monkey. These species are native from the new world.

Also you can see a Lesser Anteater in the different areas of the Park. This cute mammal is known as the Southern Tamandua or Collared Anteater. We say they are cute because of the two colors they have; the head and shoulders, arms, legs and tail are beige or almost white. And the chest, belly and back is black with two strips from the chest to the back that makes them look like if they were wearing an apron.

This amazing Park is considered as the most attractive place on the Land Tours in Costa Rica. But, wait a minute, it is the first not the only one.

The second place on the list belongs to:

The Palo Verde National Park Tour is the second place more visited in our lands. This is an amazing Dry Forest, one of the last found on the Central America inter-tropical zone. The dry forests are made by swamps, rivers over flood zones, mangroves and scrubs. These kinds of forests are endangered and here they have special attention to maintain the environment.Arenal Volcano Hike tour

As it is known in the tropical region from the Cancer to the Capricorn tropic the seasons behave different. Here there are only two seasons. One called the rainy season; when it is always raining all day long and it stops for a moment or at least a day. And another called the dry season when it never rains and the heat reaches over the 30 °C.

Land Tours in Costa Rica are fabulous for everyone that has taken the opportunity to visit the marvels in our country.

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What to find on the Land Tours in Costa Rica?
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